Whiles staying in Accra, I came across a lovely family. Grand-Ma of 3 kids and one of her daughters. Her daughter, now left without husband (as often happen...), taking now care of the three kids and her mum.
small shop, business, Ghana, Africa, Accra, Family
Family Business, Accra Photo (c) Remo 2016
Their small 5 square feet shop, just beside a minor road, between Osu and La Accra. Open daily till late. Only 

Whiles in Bolgatanga (Upper East region of Ghana), I visited this girl, which is actually a young women at the age of 36, at this time. She is, what one could say, a 95% disabled person. Not able to walk or anything similar. She is a bubbly girl, able to eat, using her hands, quit good language. The very sad story of her; She was kept away in a room, not to compare with this "luxurious" one, for more than 20 years. One would say, not even pigs are kept this way. Due investigations of AfriKids, a UK and Ghana based NGO, operating also in Upper East, this misery came to daylight. What we did at this day was not much, but something. We equipped the room with an sealing fan + electric line and provided some food. Giving her a blanket. This room includes a small window, one door. Her mother and brother, now - sleep all in the same room.
Disabled, People, Disablility, Africa, Ghana
Disabled in Ghana. One moment of her life. (c) Remo 2016

May 2012, 3 pm - Lonely women waiting for buyers in the heat of the day, under the protection of an umbrella. Bread, now a common staple in Ghana, is sold every-where. I shoot this picture, on the way to Aburi, somewhere around Madina (near Accra). Customers from the roadside - first - had to walk over an interesting man-made "bridge". May is in the middle of the rainy  season in Ghana. 
Bread and Water, Vendor, Sales, Ghana, Africa, West Africa, African Bread,
Bread and Water, Madina (Ghana)

A coconut vendor and his "push" Truck - I have shoot this picture in 2002, whiles walking trough Accra. Here near the (now) Atta Mills High-street, just beside a (at this time)  Barclays branch. The image you see here has not much changed, if at all. Ghana is trapped in a time capsule, since some decades now. I will not say, that there is no development, but the majority of the 
Picture, coconut, vendor, Accra, Ghana, west Africa, Atta Mills
Selling coconut for a living, Accra 2002

Lake VOLTA in Ghana. During my trip to Dodi Island, on board of the famous Dodi Princess, I stumbled over this bunch of exited, happy kids.  World Vision, an international charity, working also within Ghana,  financed those kids a nice day out. Here, you see them playing around in the  children's pool.
Lake VOLTA, Ghana, Dodi Island, Dodi Princess, happy kids, World Vision
Dodi Island, happy kids having fun, thanks to World Vision.

One funny photo, I have shoot during my visit to Ho (Regional capital of the Volta region). Car Window Repair in Ghana. Travelling West Africa will make you many times smile. Instead replacing the broken site window, thy often stitch it. Recycling the African way.

On my way to the Volta region f Ghana, I was able to shoot this picture of some vendors, trying to sell their good to the passengers of the bus (left). A common picture, all over Ghana. And exactly this, this is what in my opinion, makes this photo so special.

A snap shoot of an old, nearly dismantled Lada (Russian brand). Waiting in Accra for the right person. Who knows... Maybe there one, who need what is left over. Maybe the bonnet? Or the doors....

If you like to eat fish, Ghana is the right place to be.
If you are a buyer.
Here a picture of fish mongers, women and children, offering fish, their brothers, husbands or even children had in their nets.
Its late afternoon, so there are not many customers around, but if you use this time of the day, you might be able to seal a good deal for yourself, and supporting  this hard working families...