Whiles in Bolgatanga (Upper East region of Ghana), I visited this girl, which is actually a young women at the age of 36, at this time. She is, what one could say, a 95% disabled person. Not able to walk or anything similar. She is a bubbly girl, able to eat, using her hands, quit good language. The very sad story of her; She was kept away in a room, not to compare with this "luxurious" one, for more than 20 years. One would say, not even pigs are kept this way. Due investigations of AfriKids, a UK and Ghana based NGO, operating also in Upper East, this misery came to daylight. What we did at this day was not much, but something. We equipped the room with an sealing fan + electric line and provided some food. Giving her a blanket. This room includes a small window, one door. Her mother and brother, now - sleep all in the same room.
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Disabled in Ghana. One moment of her life. (c) Remo 2016
The family of this girl is poor, the father a "Run-Away", the mother struggling to bring her younger brother, herself and the grand parents trough. Still, it is nearly understandable, why she was not seeking any official support. Especially Northern Ghana people have still the belief, that disabled children are born due "Witch-Craft". So, they lock those children away, or there have been cases, where this kids where killed,  after giving birth to them. This might continue, up to date.  The scene was photographed June 2012.  (c) Remo 2016


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