Whiles visiting Ghana in 2002, I came across a church in Tema (near Accra). Sunday morning, the usual time for many Ghanaians, to join in for worship. Experiencing the "African Way" of church service.
In this case, the pastor enjoyed a view over his congregation from his special high char.
It was interesting. Worshippers were dancing and singing. Collecting money from them was an very interesting part of the whole event...  Close to his high chair was placed a open bowl, where people could put money in..., and as this bowl was open... Well everyone in the church could see, how much money each believer afforded for "his or her" church.
Churches and pastors in Ghana (same as in Nigeria), are big business. Generating thousands of $$$$ every Sunday, and sometimes mid-week, when there are "Night-Prayer-Sessions", which can last really the whole night. Whiles pastors drive big cars, having one or two and more houses, their fellowship often is poor. There are many "Men of God", calling them-self "Prophet". And yes, many African`s fall on this. Up to date.  (c) Remo 2016


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