Ghana - Officially a "Middle Income Country", at least according to IMF. The reality in 2016 is not keeping up with this story (nothing else it is).
Below; A small girl is exited, to have made a sale of one 500 ml - bag of filtered water.
This street sales can be seen all over Ghana. Even in the capital city of Ghana; Accra.
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Ghana - Happy Sale of Water... Picture (c) Remo 2016
Picture shoot after Kumasi, Ashanti region of Ghana, 28.02.2016, while travelling forward to Bolgatanga in the Upper east region of Ghana. I have shoot many pictures like this, since I travel Ghana for many years now.
It is part of a series of images, I will upload soon, to show the whole series, of this sales-session... The price for 
a 500 ml bag of Water; 0.30 Ghana Pesewas, as of March 2016.  About 6 UK Pence.
Whoever send this girl, to sell water, had to pay at least 0.12 Pesewas, if bought a large quantity of water bags.
The "profit": 0.18 Pesewas. Which has to be shared...
Often, this girls and boys don`t go to any kind of school, or just to a school for 4 years. Ghana - up to date, has not provided proper schools for all children. There are still classes under trees! Classes without furniture. There are many areas in Ghana, having no light, no electricity, no clean water access.
As of us Europeans, we will drink at least this water or bottled water. For the majority of Ghanaians, even this bag of water is an expense.

Ghana government officials enjoy riding in XRTA large 4 x 4 vehicles, mainly from Japan and USA., whiles public - and "non"-public transport is often completely and dangerously overloaded.
I will show this very soon.


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