A coconut vendor and his "push" Truck - I have shoot this picture in 2002, whiles walking trough Accra. Here near the (now) Atta Mills High-street, just beside a (at this time)  Barclays branch. The image you see here has not much changed, if at all. Ghana is trapped in a time capsule, since some decades now. I will not say, that there is no development, but the majority of the 
Picture, coconut, vendor, Accra, Ghana, west Africa, Atta Mills
Selling coconut for a living, Accra 2002
ordinary Ghanaians still live within this outdated conditions, up to date. Accra Metropolitan has done a lot, to "push" vendors out of the city centre, but due hardship, they are back at all time. Walking around the streets and hope for a sale, of whatever they have to offer.
In my opinion, the gap between rich, and medium to the poor has significantly widened during the last 15 years.
Many youngsters are now into "Sakawa" - Scams, using  the internet or openly betray their own - even families. This might be Gold Scam, Dating Scam. Still, the most Ghanaians are honest and friendly people.
Pictuer (c) Remo 2016


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