Whiles staying in Accra, I came across a lovely family. Grand-Ma of 3 kids and one of her daughters. Her daughter, now left without husband (as often happen...), taking now care of the three kids and her mum.
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Family Business, Accra Photo (c) Remo 2016
Their small 5 square feet shop, just beside a minor road, between Osu and La Accra. Open daily till late. Only 
Sundays half day off, due church service. A situation, the most of us Westerners know only from our history books. Families in poverty, long hours of work. Still the very reality in Africa, Asia and South America.

The question comes up, why still that situation...? 
The gap between rich and poor is widening in Africa, in Ghana.
While multinational companies make billions of profit, using the very cheap labour in countries, like Ghana.
Buying cheap cocoa in Ghana or Ivory Coast, cheap coffee in Kenya and Ethiopia, owning big cash machines, like Anglo-Ashanti gold-fields (about 90%), owning about 80% of Ghana`s oil production....
The very same companies resell the final products back to (as example) Ghana, making huge profits.
This, as many other families, sell this "Western Products", or "Made in China"...
Still a big money-maker in Ghana; selling used "Western Clothings" or toys... 
Where do they get this stuff from..... I will write about this in one of my next postings...
I shoot this picture November 2007.  (c) Remo 2016


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